“And to go out, and look into the world 

And find it looking back

through eyes unblinking and unshuttered…”

A new collection of poems on nature, time, loss, love, and transformation. Inspired by Finnish nature, music, and the changing seasons.

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A 174,000 word interactive fiction game. (2018, IF, Choice of Games)

“What would you sacrifice to keep from Falling?”

“Advance in Society and bargain with creatures in the Wood in a Regency fantasy of manners, daring, and magic. Will you join your daemon overlords in destroying your hometown or will you defy them?

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Songs of Remembrance

“You will not remember the path you took, nor the silence that speaks your name…”

Poems dealing with love, loss, self-realization, and remembrance, taking inspiration in part from medieval lyric poems,  the medieval ‘courts of love’, and other lyric traditions from across the ages. (2016, Chesterton & Davies, Ltd.)

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